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Thank you for your interest in Adam Bruzzone Photography. It is in our mutual interest that we inform you of our terms and conditions prior to, or with your request for Adam Bruzzone images in digital or transparency form.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS; Submission and/or subsequent use of images is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Adam Bruzzone Photography agrees to fulfil your request to deliver images identified on our delivery / cover letter. Note: Accepting delivery of any images constitutes agreement of all terms and conditions.
  2. All images are copyright and you agree not to use them in any manner, including but not limited to electronic scans, projections, layouts, prints, sketches photocopies until you receive and pay our invoice.
  3. Any unauthorised usage of images may be considered breach of copyright law and Adam Bruzzone reserves the right to determine and demand usage fees at the discretion of Adam Bruzzone Photography.
  4. Use of images for sensitive subjects such as sex, birth control, drugs and physical and mental ailments is prohibited without advance written permission from Adam Bruzzone Photography.
    It is up to you to determine if a release is necessary for your intended use and the type of release you may need. You agree to be responsible for all liability arising from caption information as we have provided it unless you obtain written confirmation of its accuracy from Adam Bruzzone Photography prior to publication in any media.
  5. A charge for the delivery and minimum research charge is applicable on all consignments of images loaned for perusal or usage.
  6. Cancellation of copyright permission granted by Adam Bruzzone Photography is allowed only within 14 days of the date of the invoice/licence we issue. Cancellations will incur a fee equal to 50% (fifty percent) of the usage fee. After 14 days, no concellations will be valid.
  7. All invoices will state the date the payment is due. Adam Bruzzone Photography subscribes to a debt collection agency. Any overdue invoices will be forwarded to them and the information about the bad debt may be entered into the database. This information may be accessed by banks and other businesses for credit history purposes. Similarly, unpaid invoices constitutes a breach of copyright law and pursued accordingly.


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